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Bryan Chancey, Professional Counselor

I came to the counseling profession with a professional background primarily as a first responder, specifically in law enforcement. My desire to work as a law enforcement officer is the same desire that has brought me to a career as a professional counselor. As an officer, I have seen too many times the trauma others face and how individuals may not know who or where to reach out to talk to someone. It is my desire to help individuals in their time of need. 

There are times in our lives that we have to deal with grief, uncertainty, trauma, relationships, anxiety, and more. Life often presents us with concerns and situations that can be difficult to understand and process. Sometimes these concerns can bring about many different emotions and feelings. These include, but are not limited to anxiety, stress, confusion, frustration, depression, and anger. I believe that no one should have to process these feelings alone. My passions revolve around various struggles such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, various forms of trauma, anxiety, and depression. I also offer Career Counseling, Anger Management and Addiction Counseling.

As your therapist, I enjoy and prefer using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in sessions. I am happy to work with you on coping skills, how to handle each individual situation as it is presented, and work through each problem as it comes. It is my goal to provide a therapeutic relationship and environment that is supportive, judgment free, safe, and empathetic for my clients. One of the most important life lessons that I have learned in my law enforcement career is that you work on a problem until you find a solution. I feel that this applies to counseling as well. It is my goal to help assist my clients in working through their presenting concerns until we find a solution for them.

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